House near Moscow (Olympic Village)

This 250 m2 house was realised by our Room Look Service, with the help of which our bureau can create interiors less costly and in a shorter time due to the use of prearranged set of finishing materials and furniture solutions, which are then adapted to the specifications of each client.

We were approached by clients who had already worked for some time with another designer, but were dissatisfied with the result. We had to use some interior elements that were already selected and installed – for example, a fireplace, a kitchen and a some of bathroom equipment. However our clients and we have common tastes, and it allowed us to successfully combine our characteristic techniques with existing solutions. The result is a harmonious, bright interior in which American classics are mixed with Art Deco elements. We also used objects individually designed by us, such as a sideboard in the living room.

It should be noted that in this case, the clients asked for some upgrade to the Room Look service range – for example, we used marble instead of ceramic stone. However, all the furniture we proposed was approved, and as a result we completed the work in record-breaking two months.