Apartment with a patio in the Skolkovo Park Club House, Moscow

Skolkovo Park is a club quarter in the West of Moscow, where our bureau designed around 30 apartments, all commissioned by the developer. This 180 m2 apartment is located in the same complex, but is designed for private clients, a young family with two children.

The apartment is located on the ground floor and has two patios that can be used in the warm season. The layout is thought out in such a way that the public areas of the apartment have access to the patio – a living room with a kitchen-dining room, while the children’s rooms and the master bedroom are more isolated.

Stylistically, the apartment looks light and modern – the features of the American style and Art Deco are diluted with more austere objects. The main emphasis is on textures and surfaces. The fireplace in the living room is especially interesting – the warm color of the marble from which the portal is made influenced the whole ambience of the project.

The kitchen solution is also interesting – it is concise and strict, without upper cupboards and with a hidden hood. This way the common area of ​​the apartment looks and feels much lighter.

This project was completed in record time: thanks to the trust of our clients and the coordinated work of our team the whole process took just six months.